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How to buy EOS?

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

How to buy EOS?

EOS relies on a high level of crypto exchange as well as on a platform that offers as many developers as possible. It is an easy entry into the blockchain development environment. The special thing about EOS is that blocks can be generated very quickly. Therefore, transactions are usually confirmed within 3 seconds. This is also necessary in order to be able to run complex applications on the blockchain without delay. In comparison with Bitcoin, a new block is only generated every 5-10 minutes. Another positive thing to be mentioned is that there is no energy mining at EOS. Instead, EOS relies on the delegate's proof. With this, many selected block producers generate new blocks every second and thus also confirm the transactions. You can find detailed information about EOS here at

How to buy EOS
How to buy EOS

EOS Has Growth Potential

A big problem in blockchain environments is to achieve healthy growth. Here we are not talking about the price of the tokens, but about the growth of the community and companies that use the EOS software for their product. To ensure this, one billion US dollars were made available for the initiation of partnerships.

Probably the greatest specialty when it comes to EOS is the delegated proof, a proprietary development. The system has voters, witnesses, and delegates. The possession of a token represents a right to vote. With these votes, the witnesses are elected, whereby the voting rights are not equivalent. The more tokens you hold, the more the vote is weighted. The chosen witnesses can then validate new blocks.

It Is Advisable To Keep An Eye On EOS

Even if EOS is more often criticized by the community due to its lack of decentralization, it also has its advantages, better performance, and better scalability. The immense financial resources that are available should ensure in the long term that more and more partnerships with established companies.

Where Can I Buy EOS?

If you want to buy EOS, you have to register with crypto exchanges. But you should make sure that EOS is also traded against dollars on the crypto exchange. Not every exchange allows you to buy EOS for dollars. At the largest crypto exchange in the world, for example, all cryptocurrencies are only traded against other cryptocurrencies. In addition to the possibility of depositing dollars, you should also pay attention to how you can deposit the dollars. Some crypto exchanges only give you the option to transfer dollar credit to the exchange. However, since transfers are very slow, it can sometimes take a few days for the credit to arrive. It is faster if you can pay in the credit to the respective crypto exchange by credit card or PayPal. For example, gives you this option.

Nobody knows when the right time is to buy EOS. However, the fact is that development at EOS is still at the very beginning. It will be important for EOS that many applications succeed in the long term.

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