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Binance and Chiliz offer, the ACM Milan token is listed here are the details (How to buy ACM Token?)

Binance and Chiliz offer, the ACM Milan token is listed here are the details (How to buy ACM Token?)


Chiliz, who creates a huge source of income for sports clubs with fan token projects, recently launched ACM, A.C Milan token. Fan token investors were waiting for them to be listed on world giant stock markets, especially by purchasing tokens of football teams that are popular around the world. This morning, CHZ CEO Mr. Alexandre Dreyfus and Binance CEO Mr. Changpeng Zhao made the announcements. ACM, the Milan fan token, will be listed on Binance. How to buy ACM Token? You can find answers to these questions in our article. It is also possible to obtain tokens that can be obtained through the investment tool Binance Launchpad, which has left its mark on the last period, on the Chiliz exchange. Binance listing details have been recalled as follows;

How to buy ACM Token
How to buy ACM Token

Project Presentation

AC Milan Fan Token (ACM) is a utility that gives fans a tokenized share of influence over club decisions using the app and services. The token acts as a membership key that enables them to compete for exclusive rewards, club recognition, and more.

ACM is a utility token built on Chiliz Chain, a Proof of Entitlement sidechain built on Ethereum.

Initially sold through a FTO ™ (Fan Token Offer), Fan Tokens are a utility that gives fans a token share of influence on club decisions and is eligible for club rewards while participating in various interaction-based events on the app. appreciation and special offers in exchange for their participation.

ACM Discounted Sales and Economy

1.000.000 USD

Total Token Supply

20.000.000 ACM

Current Circulating Supply

10% of the Total Token Supply

Discounted Sale Price

1 ACM = 0.02006172 BNB (using the price of 4.875 USD, 243 USD BNB)

Tokens Offered

205.128 ACM

Fixed Capacity Per User

5,000 USD (the corresponding BNB amount will be determined on the day of sale)

Discounted Sales Win Time

No locking

Token Type

Chiliz Chain Token

Token Distribution

To be completed before starting to trade

To purchase ACM Milan tokens from Chiliz borrow;

Your code: JL3MPH7U



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